Why do I really use Facebook? The honest answer

To be upfront this post is due to a recent discussion that I engaged in on Facebook, it ended badly and I unfriended someone.This has made me consider what Facebook ‘friendship’ actually is and why I waste so much time on social media when I have an overflowing life. I realise I am sounding like a complete nanna but manners and authenticity are important and here is the kicker; it matters more the older I get.

Initially I chose my ‘Facebook friends carefully, however, I have ended up with more people than I could honestly name as friends. I have joined groups and ‘friended’ people that I rarely see. I never seem to hit that unlike button as I feel guilty, yes it is ridiculous and I feel as though as I am in the playground and excluding is just morally wrong. On the other hand I use Facebook to ‘see’ friends I should meet up with to share a pot of tea. Facebook has become the equivalent of junk food fix friendship!

I have of course been ‘unfriended’ and have experienced momentary confusion as to what I have done that could have resulted in my rejection. No long term damage has been done as the result of these losses and I hold no ill feeling towards those who have moved on.

On top of this I have concerns about my privacy and the information collected about me. 1984 is increasingly looming as our reality and so I have opted for the most stringent privacy setting Facebook allows. Honestly, it is still woeful and provides a false sense of security.

The question I really must ask is, why do I persist with Facebook?

I don’t post regular updates, rarely engage in discussions, or use the online chat feature.

I do check it at least five times a day!!!! This alone is cause for concern what is really going on here? what do I think that I am missing out on?

I like the odd status and photo. I occasionally use it to organise social events. Ok, here is the ugly truth I use it in an almost stalker fashion, I like to know what everyone is doing, yep I am the cyber Mrs Mangel from Neighbours. The truth is people post information that rivals Neighbours and Home and Away I don’t need to watch soap operas, I can be entertained by my ‘friends’ status updates. This is an ugly truth that I am uncomfortable with and need to address.
I do use it to keep updated on social media campaigns, although I do also receive email updates so this is not an authentic reason.

Finally, I am tired of the poor manners people seem to think it is acceptable to display when they hide behind emoticons and a computer screen. I want kinder, quieter and more authentic relationships with my friends and world, it is time I ‘unfriend‘ you Facebook.