Each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal...(Breakfast Club)

I am a child of my decade, the influences of pop culture and my reading choices still shape me in surprising ways.

Born at the beginning of the 70s raised on 60s pop, country music and American sitcoms. I grew up in the Sydney suburbs and daydreamed of escaping. I thought I could grow up to be Nancy Drew. In fact I dream of having a secret bookcase entrance to my bedroom and am sure the hours spent immersed in her life are responsible for this.

My first true love was Aragorn and thankfully Viggo Mortensen did not destroy my teenage reality.I spent those teenage years wearing far too much black and taking myself and the world very seriously. Sylvia Plath spoke for me and grunge was the music of my angst.

Atticus Finch changed my world and I know he is fictional but if in doubt I have been known to ask, ‘What would Atticus do?’

So this is my blog and I hope to be able to order my thoughts and contemplate whatever takes my fancy that day/week. I realise that I should stick to a topic and direct my energies there, but frankly I have too much ADD to do that so fashion, clothing, parenting, relationships, books, music, television and general well-being are the concerns of my daily life.

Oh, the title of my blog refers to the book The Female Quixote by Charlotte Lennox. Arabella advocated women had the right to ‘Adventures,’ and an interesting ‘History.’


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